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Project Description


Clarks Beach Breakwater

Clarks Beach, Auckland

Client: Auckland Council
Completion: 2019
Services: Detailed Design, Construction Documentation, Tender Stage Services, Construction Stage Services
Scope: 50m Long Renewed Breakwater, Renewed Groyne
Budget: $460,000

The original Clarks Beach breakwater was constructed from rubble and was in dire need of an upgrade. A new breakwater was designed to provide wave dissipation to the boat ramp, creating shelter to users. Formed via rocks, a new path was also created from the roadside through to the end of the breakwater, inviting people to enjoy the view atop of the new coastal structure.

Providing project management, detailed design and construction supervision, Urban Solutions helped deliver a renewed durable asset. We provided engineering staff to carry out construction monitoring, while also acting as Engineer to Contract. The breakwater at Clarks Beach has provided enduring wave protection for the boat ramp.

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