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Project Description


Cooks Beach Erosion Protection

Cooks Beach, Coromandel

Client: Thames-Coromandel District Council
Completion: November 2020
Services: Concept design, consultation, detailed design and construction management
Scope: Buried Sand-Crete Backstop Wall
Budget: $200,000

Progressive erosion of the inlet shoulder of Cooks Beach threatened Captain Cook Road and associated infrastructure.  Thames-Coromandel District Council began working with 4Sight and Urban Solutions to explore options to protect the road while maintaining a natural-looking beach.  Ultimately a buried sand-crete backstop wall was selected providing significant cost savings compared to a timber pole wall and complementing the surrounding beach environment.  Urban Solutions was pleased to work together with Thames Coromandel District Council, 4Sight and Land + Sea Civil to complete this innovative sand-crete buried backstop wall effectively hiding coastal protection in plain sight.  Next steps include dune restoration once the planting season begins to further stabilize the beach and naturalise the area.

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