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Project Description

Public Open Spaces

Coromandel Town


Client: Thames-Coromandel District Council
Completion: Ongoing
Services: Kick Off, Investigation, Concept Design, Detailed Design 
Scope: 9 timber seats to protect the tree roots 
Budget: $85,000 

Urban Solutions has been commissioned to investigate the issue of nine trees located along the footpath of Coromandel Town’s main street, Kapanga Road, which are currently affecting the paved footpath with their roots. There have been reports of several pedestrian injuries from tripping on the cobbles that have been shifted by tree roots.

The approach from the consultation undertaken by the Community Board aimed to retain the trees by constructing a timber boardwalk around each tree. The boardwalk would be ramped up from the existing footpath to provide room for the tree roots to move without affecting pedestrian access and causing a trip hazard. However, the construction of a timber boardwalk poses challenges to avoid tree root damage and requires vertical elevation due to the joists and bearers. 

During a site visit, Urban Solutions determined that the boardwalk would require a ramp and this would significantly change the existing character of the street. 

Therefore, an alternative option was proposed which involved retaining a 1.8m wide paved footpath and installing timber seats around the trees. Two seating options were produced for Thames-Coromandel District Council to take to the Community Board Workshop. They approved this concept and a final design was confirmed – the benches will be enclosed on the ends only with the long sides left open on both sides.

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