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Project Description

Public Open Spaces

Fowlds Park

Mt Albert, Auckland

Client: Auckland Council
Completion: 2018
Services: Construction Supervision
Scope: Footpath, 242 Wooden Bollards, A Barbeque, Fitness Equipment
Budget: $438,000

Fowlds Park is an extensively used park on the outskirts of the Auckland CBD.
Mainly used for fitness, leisure and recreational activities, Auckland Council
identified in 2017 that the fitness equipment required renewing due to its poor
condition. The opportunity was taken to design new fitness equipment and
upgrade the connecting path through the park, from the main carpark to Park
Gate Ave.

The footpath was installed in 3 stages to minimize effects on people using the
park. During the installation of the fitness equipment, several variations were
required due to unforeseen issues.

The newly designed fitness equipment was relocated along the upgraded path.
The new path design took into consideration the pedestrian flow to improve
connectivity within the existing path network. The entrance to the park was
upgraded along with 242 wooden bollards and a barbecue.

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