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Project Description


Jack’s Point Boat Ramp

Coromandel Town, Coromandel

Client: Thames Coromandel District Council
Completion: 2018
Services: 3D Model, Preliminary Design, Consultation, Detailed Design, Tender Documentation
Scope: Boat Ramp and All-Tide Floating Pontoon
Budget: $700,000

The original Jack’s Point boat ramp can only be used during hightide. Urban Solutions was commissioned to complete a 3D Model, preliminary Design and  Detailed Design which allowed for an all-tide boat ramp. This boat ramp would provide an alternative to the Sugarloaf boat ramp in Te Kouma, consequently relieving a portion of the demand. It was also designed with a foating pontoon which allows for two boats to be launched and/or retrieved at the same time.

Construction is subject to channel dredging by others.

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