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Project Description

Public Open Spaces

Moyle Carpark

Mangare, Auckland

Client: Auckland Council
Completion: 2018
Services: Investigation, Detailed Design, Construction Supervision
Scope: 620m2 Full Carpark Renewal
Budget: $86,000 (Separable Portion of $1.7 Million Franklin Carpark Contract)

Added as a variation to the Franklin Carparks contract, Urban Solutions were
engaged by Auckland Council to design the repair of Moyle Park Carpark. Minor
cracking was identified through-out the carpark along with major slumping of
asphalt above an existing stormwater drain extending through the northern side
of the carpark.

Due to a limited renewals budget, scalar tests were undertaken around the
slumped area to identify the problem. These results determined the level of
repairs required to the sub-base material. Urban Solutions were able to design
the repair of the carpark and complete the construction within the allowed
budget restraints.

As with most Council owned carparks user groups were affected during
construction and consultation was required to minimize the effect on them.
Following the consultation with the local rugby club, construction commenced
after the critical dates were outlined by the stakeholders to avoid any conflict.
The project was completed within the allotted timeframes.

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