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Project Description


Panmure Wharf Renewal

Tamaki Estuary, Auckland

Client: Auckland Council
Completion: 2018
Services: Feasibility Design, Preliminary Design, Resource Consenting, Detailed Design, Construction Documentation, Tender Stage Services, Construction Stage Services
Scope: 40m Long Wharf
Budget: $1.2 million

Urban Solutions have been facilitating maintenance activities at Panmure Wharf
since 2016. In 2017, Urban Solutions produced a feasibility study to investigate
options which looked into improving access for multiple user groups. During this
process key stakeholders and wharf users were engaged.

The decision was made to renew the existing historical wharf to improve access
for small crafts. Urban Solutions also consented a new all tide pontoon which
would improve accessibility for the local water sports clubs.

Construction was completed in October 2018.

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