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Project Description


Flaxmill Bay Coastal Erosion Protection

Flaxmill Bay

Client: Thames-Coromandel District Council
Completion: Consent – March 2020
Services: Consultation and Concept Design
Scope: Consult with stakeholders to develop “Desirable Outcome Statements”. Design and evaluate options for 70m of coastal protection. 
Budget: $38,500 

Urban Solutions was contracted to develop coastal protection options for Purangi Road in Flaxmill Bay and consult communities following community opposition to a proposed revetment extension.  Urban Solutions worked collaboratively with the council and the ratepayers association to develop Desirable Outcome Statements alongside a tailored solution – a naturalistic, sculpted stone seawall – using proven technology in an innovative way.  To vet this approach, we consulted geotechnical, construction, and naturalistic effect experts to ensure a viable, cost-effective design was conceptualized.  The proposed seawall mimics the ignimbrite cliffs which flank the site, protect the road and mature pohutukawa trees, and enhances beach access. 

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